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Positive Feedback

Lizard Dreaming Remedies Customers!

Dear Women of Lizard Dreaming Remedies,

Writing you to order some more of your wonderful salves!!
I ran out and started using Palmers coconut cream for a few day’s and I don’t know how but the skin around my eyes got completely irritated to the point where it was all red and inflamed and full of strange wrinkles, I looked like a 90 year old woman!!! (and I’m barely 30 thank you very much!) So here I am scraping bits and pieces out of the empty jar and am desperately in need of more!!!!
Thank you for making such wonderful salves.
I ordered a few jars a few months ago and also sent my husband to get some more at the Harvest Festival in Corrales. I really love the Rose Hip Salve, it really has done wonders for my skin.
Sincerely, Caresse

Dear Lizard Dreaming Remedies,

At the last Tucson Fourth Ave. Street Fair my wife purchased your All Purpose Salve. I work outdoors and over the years my skin has become increasingly sensitive to the exposure to the Arizona sun. I get frequent sores and started to apply your Salve. I wanted to tell you that I have had remarkable results with your cream! Some sores heal over and I experience less discomfort.

Just thought I’d tell you- I will continue to use your product.

Sincerely, Mike


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