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Herb Dictionary

A brief & informative herbal dictionary to common uses of plants, oils & compounds found in products made by Lizard Dreaming Remedies.

Carrier Oils, butters & fixatives
African Shea Butter Grapeseed Oil
Beeswax Hemp Seed Oil
Castor Oil Sweet Almond Oil
Cocoa Butter Virgin Olive Oil
Grapefruit Seed Extract Vitamin E Oil

Aloe Vera Oil and Gel Lavender
Apricot Kernel Meal Lemon
Arnica Lemon Balm
Benzoin Mugwort
Blessed Thistle Mullein
Bergamot Myrrh
Buckthorn Nettles
Calendula Oatmeal
Capsicum Patchouli
Chamomile Pennyroyal
Chaste Berries Peppermint
Chick Weed Red Clover
Cinnamon Red Raspberry
Clary Sage Rose Buds
Clove Oil Rose Hips
Comfrey Rosemary
Cottonwood Sage
Creosote Saint Johns Wort
Dandelion Skullcap
Desert Marigold Spearmint
Echinacea Sweet Orange
Elder Flower Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptus Thyme
French Green Clay Trementina
Garlic Turmeric
Geranium White Camphor
Ginger White Sage
Golden Seal Leaf Wild Yam
Hops Yarrow
Juniper Berries Yerba Santa
Lanten Ylang Ylang


Carrier Oils, Butters & Fixatives

African Shea Butter : Also called Karite butter, Shea Butter is derived from the pits of the fruit of the African butter tree. It is a pinkish, semi-solid butter that is quickly absorbed to moisturize and nourish the skin. It’s creamy, smooth texture makes it a favorite and luxurious skin conditioner. Top

Beeswax : A natural wax made from bees, that forms in honeycomb sheets. A wonderful carrier for oils & herbs. Top

Castor Oil : This thick, heavy, yellowish oil, derived from the castor bean, has a long history of use in folk medicine. Known for its effective pain relief when applied to skin as well as believed to draw out cysts, tumors and warts. Also when topically applied, Castor Oil increases blood supply and stimulates the immune system. Top

Cocoa Butter : Cocoa Butter has a strong, sweet, chocolate scent. An excellent skin softener. Helps tighten skin overall as well as old stretch marks and prevents new ones. Top

Grapefruit Seed Extract : A remarkable stabilizer with broad antimicrobial actions against bacteria’s. Therefore Grapefruit Seed Extract is excellent when used and found in skin cleansers, ointments and sprays as well as directly on the skin. ( Via cuts and scrapes). Top

Grapeseed Oil : An oil of choice for aromatherapy and massage for years. Grapeseed oil has excellent “slip” (lubricant quality), no scent and so it carries delicate floral essential oils without altering their fragrance. Its high in vitamin E, making it very stable and retains traces of picnogenol (OPC) , an intense free radical scavenger and antioxident that has antiaging affects. Top

Hemp Seed Oil : A concentrated source or EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which replenish the skin & help to protect cells from harmful UV ray exposure & aging. Helps skin problems such as psoriasis, dryness, skin impurities, brown spots & acne. Top

Sweet Almond Oil : Sweet Almond Oil is a light, non greasy, pale yellow oil obtained from almond kernels. A wonderful choice as a massage or body oil. Excellent for children and babies too. Especially when used on the bellies of pregnant mothers. Top

Virgin Olive Oil : A choice carrier for all herbal preparations. Olive Oil has an intense fruity fragrance and flavor which corresponds to the depth of its color. Olive Oil has a long history of being used as a healing oil. High in monounsaturated fatty acids and is effective in treating fatigue, hypertension and rheumatism, when topically applied. Top

Vitamin E Oil : A “skin healing” vitamin, loaded with antioxidants. One of its best functions is to protect cell membranes, meaning that is assists in destroying or neutralizing free radicals, the unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage to cells. Vitamin E Oil is also widely touted for its use on skin problems and is an important ingredient in skin creams/ herbal products for its healing properties. Also using products with Vitamin E Oil in them is very helpful with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms as well as pre-menstrual and menstrual. Top


Aloe Vera Oil and Gel : A cooling demulcent to the skin, helps heal wounds , cuts, burns, irritations. An excellent carrier for topical application of oils and herbs. Top

Apricot Kernel Meal : Grits of apricot kernels serve as a scrubbing exfoliant and rejuvenate the skin. Helps cleanse oily patches, acne, dirt and make-up. Top

Arnica : Commission E has approved the external use of Arnica for injuries, consequences of accidents i.e.; dislocations, fractures, rheumatism, and joint problems.  Also takes down swelling, bruises, and muscular pain. Do not use on open wounds. Top

Benzoin : Used as a fixative in herbal medicines. Mild antiseptic. Helps break up lung congestion and coughs.
• Black Walnut: A powerful antifungal remedy. Made from the hull of Black Walnuts, treats parasites and yeast growths. Top

Blessed Thistle : Used for female problems such as heavy menstruation, headache, and menopausal hot flashes. Top

Bergamot : Antiseptic and aid psoriasis, herpes, stress, acne, depression, eczema and nervousness. Top

Buckthorn : Used for thousands of years on the northwest coast by Indians to relieve the itching, burning and swelling of insect bits and stings. Has strong antihistamine properties.  Top

Calendula : Approved for internal and topical use of inflammation, poorly healing wounds and skin abrasions. Salve and oil preparations also respond to skin and mucous membrane inflammations, vericosities, leg ulcers, bruises, boils, rashes and dermatitis. Safe on babies and children. Top

Capsicum : Also known as Cayenne pepper, it has been approved for painful muscle spasms in the arm, shoulder, and spine of adults and children. Treats arthritis, rheumatism and neuralgia. Do not use on injured skin. Top

Chamomile : Used for gastrointestinal complaints and spasms. Externally used for mucous membrane inflammations, bacterial skin diseases, hemorrhoids and anal swelling, peptic ulcers and mild sleep disturbances. Used on oily skin irritations and eczema.  Top

Chaste Berries : Approved for irregularities of the menstrual cycle, all menopausal symptoms and p.m.s. Top

Chick Weed : Useful on all skin aliments and poorly healing wounds. A skin moisturizer and toner. Top

Cinnamon : Stimulating and sweet. Helpful with poor circulation and frigidity. Top

Clary Sage : The soft sweet scent is useful as an adrenal stimulant due to stressful conditions or nervousness. Top

Clove Oil : Extracted from the buds stems and leaves of an Evergreen tree native to Indonesia. Treats arthritis, toothache, asthma and bronchitis. Clove is antiseptic, antibiotic, antihistamine and expectorant. Top

Comfrey : Also known as knit bone or gum plant. Helps skin ruptures, sore breasts, wounds, ulcers, burns, bruises, and swellings. Speeds the healing process of injuries.  Top

Cottonwood : Used weekly it will result in excellent cosmetic benefits, acting as a tonic and conditioner. Helps ulcers and swellings. Top

Creosote : A southwestern anti-fungal treatment used for athletes foot, perspiration of the feet and under the arms and skin infections. Also effective on bruises, sprains, arthritis and joint pain. Top

Dandelion : Helps with disturbances and bile flow, loss of appetite, dyspepsia and gastrointestinal complaints such as distention, flatulence, and indigestion. Top

Desert Marigold : The Sonoran Desert species of Marigold. Heals rashes, dry skin, chaffing and abrasions. Top

Echinacea : A treatment for inflammatory skin conditions, bug bites, irritations and minor skin infections. Top

Elder Flower : Helpful with skin complexion, splotches, dryness, acne and chapped lips. Top

Eucalyptus : Uses include bronchial, respiratory and nasal congestion, common colds, rheumatic complaint, swelling and muscular pain. Top

French Green Clay : A gentle astringent used for drying up acne, oil congestion and tightening up wrinkles. Great for puffy eyes. Top

Garlic : The anti-fungal, antibiotic properties of Garlic Oil serve as a remedy for athletes foot, infectious wounds and as an insect repellent. Top

Geranium : The oil helps to calm, balance and uplift oneself. Applicable to the skin as an antioxidant, antiseptic and astringent, treating dry skin, eczema and wounds. Known for helping both dry and oily complexions and removing acne. Top

Ginger : A medicine used since ancient times as a stimulant for arthritis, cold extremities, and to increase circulation. Top

Golden Seal Leaf : Helpful with promoting circulation to cold extremities, helping skin eruptions and as a general cleansing application. Top

Hops : Used for mood disturbances, restlessness, anxiety and sleep disturbances, excitability and tenseness. Top

Juniper Berries : A mild astringent useful on cuts scrapes and loose skin. Cleansing to the urinary tract system. Soothing on sore muscles and joints. Top

Lanten : The anti-histamine action of Lanten makes it useful for insect stings and allergic reactions on the skin. Helps skin ailments heal quickly. Top

Lavender : An aromatic nervine for restlessness, insomnia, circulatory disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, burns, headache, acne, sore muscles, stiff joints and hair loss. A wonderful skin care herb used to reduce oiliness, puffy eyes and maintaining a balanced healthy texture. Top

Lemon : A hypotensive oil useful for treating hypertension, palpitations, and anxiety. Helpful with regenerating new skin cell growth and cleansing the old. Top

Lemon Balm : A soothing nerve tonic used for hundreds of years to support glandular functions, immune deficiencies, stress, tension and restlessness. Top

Mugwort : An aid to arthritis, sprains and joint pain. Helps relieve swelling. Top

Mullein : Helps respiratory aliments, symptomatic treatment of sore throat, cough, phlegm, and mucous congestion. Top

Myrrh : Treats skin inflammations, small wounds, cracked heals and ulcers. Cooling to the skin, Myrrh assist in degenerative diseases, and fungus. Top

Nettles : Externally used for skin abrasions, rashes, bites and stings, irritations, itching and to prevent hemorrhages. Top

Oatmeal : Contains vitamin E and tightens loose skin, wrinkles and removes impurities. Top

Patchouli : Acts as a nerve stimulant and to treat anxiety and depression. Considered to induce peace of mind and transcend boundaries as we unify with our loved ones. Top

Pennyroyal : Repels insects and fleas, as well as soothing previous insect bites. Top

Peppermint : Used for spastic colon, neuralgia, indigestion, colds and sore throats. Also used for muscle spasms and as a vasodilator. Top

Red Clover : A female aid with nourishing vitamins, useful in maintaining regular cycles, cleansing environmental pollutants from the blood and easing menopausal discomforts. Top

Red Raspberry : A uterine toner and strengthener commonly used in pregnancies and during menstruation. Top

Rose Buds : Cooling and soothing to sensitive skin. Helpful with oily or mottled complexions. Represents earth consciousness, inner contentment, and love for oneself. Top

Rose Hips : Rose hips, seeds and oil contain EFA’S (essential fatty acids), GLA and vitamin C. Dermatologists recommend oils creams and salves that contain rose hips for the hair and skin. Excellent for post burns, radiation, and UV exposure. Also useful for treating scars, and preventing tumor growth. Top

Rosemary : Use externally as a supportive therapy for rheumatic diseases and circulatory problems. Promotes wound healing as an antiseptic agent. Top

Sage : A nerve and adrenal stimulant. Restores energy to the entire organism. Relieves pain and discomforts of menopause and dries up breast milk. A plant of wisdom. Top

Saint Johns Wort : Helps heal fractures, dislocations, sprains, and adjusts bones and muscles to their proper structures, particularly in the spine. The oil is astringent and helps heal cuts, scrapes and burns. Balances the seven chakras and treats nerve and spinal trauma, including whiplash injury. Top

Skullcap : Contains sedatives and relaxing effects, restlessness, tension and depression. Top

Spearmint : Relieves flatulence, gastrointestinal disorders, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, neuralgia, indigestion, muscular tension, poor circulation. Top

Sweet Orange : Sloughs away dead skin cells and makes skin vibrant and supple. A soothing comforter for high tension and restlessness. Top

Tea Tree Oil : Used by the Aboriginal people of Australia this antiseptic oil treats acne, skin rashes, fungal infections and vaginal infections. Top

Thyme : Helps treat symptoms of coughs and congestion. Also treats yeast infections including Candida albicans. Top

Trementina : Treats rheumatic and neuralgic ailments. Use on scrapes, cuts, bruises and “drawing” of imbedded thorns and splinters. Use for colds and as a decongestant. Use on gout and joint pain. Top

Turmeric : A Chinese medicine used as an anti-inflammatory for bruises, muscle and joint pain.
• Valerian: A powerful hypotensive used for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and palpitations. Top

White Camphor : Contains the unique action of heating and cooling the skin simultaneously. Helpful with muscular and joint pain. Treats infectious disease and chapped skin. Useful as a decongestant. Top

White Sage : Externally used for inflammation. Contains anti-bacterial properties. Sage is cleansing and stimulating. Top

Wild Yam : A valuable antispasmodic used to relieve P.M.S., menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes. A natural diosgenin source which balances hormone levels. Sought after in cream and salve form for menopausal use. Top

Yarrow : Helps heal cuts, scrapes and bleeding wounds. Contains antimacrobial activity against a range of bacteria. Repels ticks and fleas. Top

Yerba Santa : Northwest American Indians have used this plant for colds, coughs and as a decongestant. Top

Ylang Ylang : The exotic aroma of Ylang Ylang is known for its soothing, aphrodisiac qualities and taming anger, insomnia and regulating cardiac and respiratory rhythms. Top

Legal Disclaimer:
None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency. None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements made are based on our personal experience. Lizard Dreaming Remedies does not take responsibility for your experience in using any of them.

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